AcerCloud Chooses 100 Mbps from Fastmetrics

September 12, 2013 at 6:43 pm Leave a comment

The AcerCloud Technology Company has chosen a fiber Internet connection from Fastmetrics for their Mountain View office.

The subsidiary of Acer, which specializes in cloud computing software and technology, secured a 100 x 100 Mbps fiber optic Internet service, to support their premier offering, AcerCloud


“AcerCloud – Be Free!” 

AcerCloud was launched in January of 2012, following the acquisition of iGware. It allows users to sync all data and media across devices – computers, tablets, mobiles and share information. It offers to “supersize your smartphone with PC storage” by freeing up space on your mobile device with Acer remote files. 

More AcerCloud Advantages

In addition to freeing up important storage space on your smartphone, AcerCloud also has the capability of automatically storing photos taken on your mobile device to your PC. Acer Photo supports Windows, Android and iOS. 

Another feature is Acer Media, which allows wireless syncing of your music and videos to any device running Windows, Android or iOS, from anywhere. You can also sync or stream at any time from your PC.  

Here is a video demo of AcerCloud:


The Fastmetrics Team welcomes the Acer Cloud Technology Company and looks forward to supporting this dynamic cloud computing service.

Andreas Glocker

Fastmetrics, Inc. 



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