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San Francisco Bay Area Photography

Fastmetrics will be bringing you a different photo from the San Francisco Bay Area every week. The photos are themed around light and speed, however all photos of the area will be considered!

Looking for Bay Area photos to share

If you are a photographer, or have a photo from the San Francisco Bay Area, please send to:

All photos will be credited and linked to your blog, website or Instagram account. We will also Tweet them and share on our social media profiles. 

Our first photo!

To kick things off, here is a photo of Lombard Street, San Francisco, by Sean Arbabi for National Geographic;


A fantastic shot with great use of a longer exposure to capture the car headlights.

What do you think? If you have a great shot of the San Francisco Bay Area, we will share it for you.


Andreas Glocker

Fastmetrics, Inc.


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AIDS Walk SF Raises $2.5 Million In The Bay Area

Following our first post last week on a Bay Area charity doing great work for the community, our San Francisco Bay Area charity this week is AIDS Walk San Francisco. This local organisation holds an annual walk which raises millions of dollars, every year, to help those fighting against HIV and AIDS. In San Francisco alone, there are more than 16,000 people living with the disease.

Since 1987, AIDS Walk San Francisco has raised more than $80 million in funds fighting HIV prevention and for care programs.  It is the single largest AIDS fundraising event in Northern California.

aids walk san francisco

“Close to 15,000 clients will walk through the doors of the foundation to access our many services for prevention and care. Because of the dedicated participants of AIDS Walk we can continue to offer all of these services for free. As long as there is need in our community, the foundation will be here to provide support”.

– CEO of San Francisco AIDS Foundation – Neil Giuliano

In 2013 alone, the AIDS Walk event raised more than $2.5 million for people living with AIDS in the San Francisco Bay Area. You can read about the press release of the event here. Greater than 20,000 people gathered in Golden Gate Park to participate.

We wish AIDS Walk SF continued success for their annual walk, which is changing the lives of the Bay Area community and it’s residents every step of the way.

Andreas Glocker

Fastmetrics, Inc.

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Futures Without Violence – San Francisco Bay Area Charity

Fastmetrics will be highlighting the work of a different San Francisco Bay Area charity every week. We feel charities such as Futures Without Violence can never receive too much coverage in the media or online. The hard work, good causes, dedication and generosity of these organisations should be showcased more often and more frequently.

Get involved or tell us about your charity

If you know of, or are involved in a charity in San Francisco or the Bay Area, please contact so we can share on our blog and on our social media profiles.

Bay Area charity with national and global reach

As the San Francisco Bay Area is close to our heart, we’re pleased to be posting about Futures Without Violence first up. Their head office and Center for Leadership is located at 100 Montgomery Street, The Presidio, San Francisco, CA 94129. The organisation also has office locations in Washington D.C and Boston.

This charity’s mission is very clear; “everyone has the right to live free of violence”. Under the direction of Esta Soler, this organisation provides education, training, policy and public action development to end violence against women, children and families. They have been doing so for 30 years.

Great achievements to end violence

In 1994, Futures Without Violence played an integral role in developing the landmark Violence Against Women Act passed by the U.S. Congress. To this day, the organisation encourages and promotes public action and support for policies which encourage action against violence. Not just in the United States, but also worldwide.

violence against women act

How you can help today

You can do something right now by urging President Obama to fund programs which prevent and respond to violence against women and children globally. Here’s how you can take action and make a difference.

Training programs and information

Ongoing leadership and training programs are provided from the offices of Futures Without Violence to doctors, nurses, coaches and judges to improve responses to violence and abuse. These programs are also used to foster ongoing dialogue about preventing gender-based violence and child abuse.

To find out how you can support this charity with a donation online or by mail, please click here.

Andreas Glocker

Fastmetrics, Inc.


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Fastmetrics Wins Groupon Fiber Business

Fastmetrics is pleased to announce the signing of Groupon as a fiber optic Internet customer. The original global daily deals business has been connected with a symmetric 100mbps fiber service, to their Palo Alto office. Groupon joins an expanding list of global businesses supported by Fastmetrics, looking for networking power, reliability and speed through their Internet service.


Groupon News – CEO Announced

Groupon has been receiving a wealth of positive news lately. The company has announced co-founder Eric Lefkofsky as the new CEO. Mr Lefkofsky takes the reins from Groupon Founder, Andrew Mason. JP Morgan Analysts have publicly stated “improving trends under Lefkofsky’s leadership over the last two quarters.”

Last Thursday, CNN Money reported; “Billionaire entrepreneur Lefkofsky clearly possesses a wealth of business experience when compared with Mason, and analysts seem relieved that a grown-up is finally in charge.”

In other positives for the business, it announced strong sales data for the last quarter. Groupon customers have bought 30% more deals when compared to the same time last year. In North America, 50% of these sales occurred on mobile devices, which is encouraging with the growing trend of mobile set for continued expansion.

groupon mobile

Due to these strong results, the Groupon share price increased 22% last week alone. The announcement of a $300 million of stock buy back by Groupon over the next 2 years, looks to improve share prices even further into the future.

New Ventures – Groupon Payments

In an effort to reinvent the business ‘beyond the deals’, Groupon has expanded into online retail and also credit card payments – ‘Groupon Payments‘. This new service looks to provide a more efficient and low cost payment system for Groupon merchants to accept credit card payments online.

Groupon Payments is available through this app after a successful pilot in the San Francisco Bay Area last year. One of the great benefits of the Groupon Payments service is the fast payment system. Traditionally, merchants have to wait 2 – 3 business days for a payment to hit an account. Groupon Payments users will get paid overnight.

groupon payments

Fastmetrics looks forward to the continued success of Groupon as the premier daily deals provider worldwide, and as it carves out these exciting new service offerings.

Andreas Glocker

Fastmetrics, Inc.


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Archive Outlook 2010 Email & Improve Workplace Productivity

Emails. We all get them, some more than others. What do you do with the endless barrage that greets your inbox 24 x 7? Too many emails can lead to the reduced performance of Outlook. If you’re one of many businesses or users still using Outlook 2010, one way of ensuring your account is not lagging, is to archive email. At Fastmetrics, we love improving productivity and efficiency. 2 ways to do this from your inbox are by speeding up Microsoft Outlook email and by managing your email time well.

archive outlook email

Why Archive Outlook Email?

To maintain optimal performance in Microsoft Outlook 2010, (many businesses have not upgraded to Outlook 2013), it’s important to not let your account grow and keep growing beyond control. Some old emails that are months or even years old need to be kept. Basically, the more emails you get, the larger your Outlook account gets. That means it also gets slower.

– Archiving allows you to store a compressed file of emails locally on your computer’s hard drive. (Back up recommended).

– It removes emails from your email server which improves Outlook speed and performance.

Click on the link underlined for step by step instructions on how to archive Outlook 2010 email from the Fastmetrics Knowledge Base.

Email Efficiency Improves Workforce Productivity

Spending too much time checking and / or replying to emails is certainly counter productive to your workforce and employees. It’s often an unwelcome distraction from other priority jobs, daily tasks or projects.

If you’re struggling to pull yourself away from your inbox and the email reply trap, add up how much time you spend checking or replying to your emails throughout the day. Far more than you expected? There are a few ways to increase your workplace productivity, right now;


Do those email pop-ups instantly grab your attention from the task at hand? TURN THEM OFF for an instant productivity boost! This way you won’t be encouraged to click on the pop-up and go to your inbox and get distracted.


One in the morning, one before lunch, one block in the afternoon. Allocating dedicated time to check and answer emails ensures you are managing your time well, and not getting behind schedule from your other pressing deadlines. Unless it’s a ‘high priority’ or an emergency email, most of the time, it can wait.


With emails, comes spam. Spam is another fact of life unfortunately. Everybody gets it, but there is something you can do about it to ensure it’s not a) wasting your time and b) clogging up your inbox and reducing performance.

If you truly aren’t interested in that viagra or that ‘make money online fast’ website, you can block these types of emails easily with most email spam and virus filtering software. Most spam filters are automatically set up, but if you are after some custom ‘protection’ there are many which you can manually tweak. Spam filters can be set from lenient to aggressive if you find you are still getting emails you don’t want.

Andreas Glocker

Fastmetrics, Inc.


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