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Fastmetrics Upgrades Roku & ITU to 250mbps Fiber Internet

Fastmetrics has recently completed fiber Internet upgrades for the Roku headquarters in Saratoga and for the International Technology University (ITU) campus in San Jose. Both Roku and the ITU were looking to increase their networking speed to support growth of their businesses, to meet demand. Roku has upgraded from a 100 x 100mbps connection and the ITU has stepped up from 50 x 50mbps fiber optic Internet service.

Roku, established in 2002, has just released their Roku 3 video streaming player and has experienced phenomenal growth of it’s products to worldwide markets over the last few years.

roku 3 player

Roku 3 Media Player with Remote and Audio Control

The recent release of the Roku 3 streaming device has allowed the company to modify and improve it’s on demand video player. The Roku 3 includes a remote control and private listening audio and supports more than seven hundred channels and applications. These channels include Netflix, Hulu Plus, HBO and Pandora to name only a few.

The latest offering from Roku has been labelled “easy to use” and “straight forward”. Roku can now also be controlled via your smartphone through the Roku application.

As for the San Jose based ITU, there have been some fantastic curriculum developments at the International Technology University. Coinciding with fall registrations for 2013, there has been a new Embedded Systems Design course introduced. This design course is offered using the Raspberry Pi and and Arduino development boards, programming in Python and C. Students will have the opportunity to design their own systems under the tutelage of Doctor Karl Wang, who has over 30 years of experience.


ITU – Based in San Jose

This new course compliments the thorough technology curriculum already on offer at ITU. Courses already available include Masters degrees in Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Software Engineering and various Master’s of Business Administration. You can see a complete list of degrees and courses offered here.

Fastmetrics is proud to support these two established and successful Silicon Valley customers  with our 250 x 250mbps fiber Internet service and we look forward to the future success of both Roku and ITU.

Andreas Glocker

Fastmetrics, Inc.

fastmetrics logo


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