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Privately Owned Business VoIP Network

We own and operate our own voice network for business class hosted VoIP service. Our hosted VoIP lines never travel on the public Internet.

No need to invest in new hardware or your PBX to access our prioritized hosted business VoIP.

We seamlessly replace standard phone lines with hosted VoIP lines. Save on your business phone bill.

  • Guaranteed call quality
  • Use your existing business PBX & phones
  • Free calls for all hosted VoIP lines, monthly
  • Discounted international rates. Contact us today for a quote!Image

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Fastmetrics, Inc.


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How To Set Up IMAP On BlackBerry

To integrate Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) email account using the Email Settings application from the BlackBerry smartphone, complete the following steps:

Open Setup on the BlackBerry smartphone.
Select Email Accounts.
Click Set up another email account.
Choose Other from the list of options.
Enter the Email Address and Email Password
Click Continue.
If the BlackBerry Internet Service gives the following error: Invalid email address or password. Verify your email address and password. If the error persists, contact, select I will provide the settings.

Note: In some cases, I will provide the settings may not appear. To force this option to appear, enter an invalid email address such as and an invalid password. Be sure to re-type the correct email and password once the advanced settings are made available.

Select IMAP
Enter the Email Server and User name
Press Continue.
The email account should then be successfully added.

To find out more about setting up features on the BlackBerry and other smartphones, please visit:


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Fastmetrics, Inc.

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Cloud Based PBX Phones Guide

See some of the capabilities of a cloud based PBX phone system. It actually provides all of your business enterprise phone features and more. Not to mention savings on hosting your office PBX and maintenance costs.
  • Scalable service. Add users at anytime.
  • Access to a range of features. Free calls. No more PBX costs.
  • Unify your office + offsite workforce. Create virtual offices.

Call Forwarding / Alternate contact

  • Transfer office calls to another party, smartphone or any number.
  • Remote voice mail access.
Polycom VVX Phone

Simultaneous Ring

  • Specify multiple extensions or your cell to ring for a call.
  • Any device can answer.
  • 3 way conferencing.

Distinctive Ringing

  • Select a ringtone for a specific extension or phone number.
  • Call park / pick up.

Voice calls from Outlook

  • Make VoIP calls from your Outlook inbox.
  • Switch your iPhone into a VoIP Phone.

To find out more:

Andreas Glocker


Fastmetrics, Inc.


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