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China‚Äôs Largest Search Engine Baidu Launches English Site For Developers

Source: by Chaterine Shu

Screen shot 2013-02-28 at 12.28.11 PM


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Bundle Internet, Phones, Hosting, IP Fax

Bundle Internet, Phones, Hosting, IP Fax

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Email Spam & Virus Filtering Service

Email Spam & Virus Filtering Service


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Fastmetrics Speedtest

Video campaign for elevator in our pre-wired buildings.


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Fastmetrics Speedtest

Fastmetrics Speedtest



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5 Advantages The Softphone Has Over Traditional Plans

Here are five advantages the softphone has :
No wires or hardware to worry about. Just install your softphone on the family laptop or desktop computer, and you are good to go. No sense having wires hanging out in the living room or the kitchen or wherever else you keep your land lines. Free up the space and remove the eyesores, so you no longer have to worry about tripping over them.

Free local calling. Most locations around your residency will never cause you to have a charge of any kind. The supposed free local calling you get with land lines aren’t free at all, since the monthly act of keeping the service requires you to pay, at minimum, around $30 per month. All you have to do to take advantage of Internet calling? Register your account, install the software, and begin dialing. Your provider will never ask for a dime for this service.

Cheaper long distance. Not all calling online is free, but that’s where your softphone’s provider packages come in to play. Rather than racking up big charges for one call, or for “going over your minutes,” as you would on a land line (or even a cell plan), simply purchase the option that works best for you and enjoy calling cheaper than you will get anywhere else. Why can’t land lines and cell plans compete with these prices? The answer is simple. They route you through too many other exchanges that charge you “tolls” before your voice gets to the one that it needs to communicate. Most of the time with softphones, there is only one exchange you will have to deal with. Hence, one (much cheaper) toll.

International affordability. Have you seen the rates on overseas calls through a traditional phone service provider? Good luck affording that. You’d be better off shipping them a package overnight. Calling overseas on a softphone costs anywhere from nothing to a few dollars. Just make sure your plan allows for it.

No need to change your number when you move. If you’re a student or mobile, you don’t have to change your number every time you move as you would have to with a land line.

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Purchase the G.729 codec as an option to improve call quality on low bandwidth connections.




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