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What do we look for when installing Fiber?

The enclosed picture demonstrates a typical MPOE room. This one is on the smaller side, with only a 50 pair copper termination from the incumbent carrier ATT. The installation is of more recent dates, as demonstrated by the fuse box with the ATT binding post (green with the label ATT MPOE).

By now you are probably asking, what does this have to do with fiber optic. What Fastmetrics is looking for is the conduit leading from the MPOE binding post panel out into the street. It is that conduit we will utilize to pull a small fiber optic cable perhaps ΒΌ inch or less in diameter.
The fiber installation is possible at pretty much any site, as long as there is a pre-existing conduit. If not, a conduit has to be installed.

Fastmetrics will coordinate and assist in financing of said infrastructure typically without any installation fees. In addition to checking the conduit, Fastmetrics will prep the site with a UPS, a backboard and ground wire. More on that in a second article.


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