The Importance Of Network Neutrality – The AT&T Monopoly Continues

April 16, 2012 at 6:56 pm Leave a comment

AT&T has controlled U.S telephone service since acquiring Western Union in 1913. That’s nearly a century of regulated services.

During this time, AT&T invented and controlled the release of digital subscriber lines (DSL), fearing it might replace voice with faster communications.

Our CEO Andreas Glocker’s response to George Turin’s post on the importance of network neutrality;

Being a smaller provider, I have always struggled with network neutrality. The core issue from a technical prospective is really that the Internet Protocol (IP) was invented long ago. IP is lacking some key features we would all benefit from today.  


There are two measures by which IP works, similar to a water pipe. The volume of water and the speed of when the water arrives (i.e. pressure). Similarly in IP, we have bandwidth and latency.

What’s missing is the classification of traffic (hot or cold water). Classification would be useful to assure that folks don’t get disrupted on a relatively low bandwidth activity; stock trading, voice, or a larger example – say downloading a movie. To rectify this a network provider has to de-prioritize IP and replace with a better protocol.

George’s point on network neutrality makes wonderful sense, and I am a strong supporter of direct democracy. My new home country the United States, will eventually embrace a direct democracy if the Internet plays a major role in it.

Thus, I agree with George that network neutrality is going to be important to support. On the other hand, we will have to be open to what network neutrality is and it will have to be defined in a way such that new protocols may replace IP in the future, in an open manner.

Similar to our constitution which allows for adoption of new articles as we evolve as a country.

Andreas Glocker


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