Why Does Your Business Need Reliable Internet Service?

March 12, 2012 at 12:22 am 1 comment

Most businesses today need reliable internet service. Let’s look at some potential reasons why businesses might need reliable internet or broadband service.

1. Your business uses a VoIP phone system.
2. Your business relies heavily on e-mail for communications.
3. Your business uses an online CRM platform.
4. Your business develops or tests games / software / applications.
5. Your business has an e-commerce (online) store.
6. Your business uses an online customer chat or needs to reply to business inquiries, instantly.

If you are considering a new business ISP, ask to see the SLA or Service Level Agreement that comes with the service. This details expected uptime and the Service Provider’s response if downtime does occur.

Services such as fiber optic internet come with a high level of uptime. T1s and bonded T1s are also reliable, but do not offer as much speed as fiber internet. aDSL2+ broadband can provide great upload speed, whereas download speed is limited. Uptime is also not as high as fiber or T1 internet connections.

Of course there is the wireless option. This is easy to set up and can offer good speeds. However, speeds rarely reach advertised speeds and downloads can be limited. Reliability can be patchy, depending on the area.

When shopping for a new business internet service, consider your employee size. Do you have a small office of 1 – 10 people or a large organization you need to provide service for? Will you be using VoIP? Do any of the above 1 – 6 points apply?

For instance, you will need more internet speed if you have a large sales department using a CRM platform. On the other end of the scale, aDSL2+ is sufficient for supporting a small office LAN, web or email server.

Other important factors; is bandwidth unlimited or capped? (How much can you download before being charged a fee). Is hardware included or an extra cost? IPs included? Install fee? How long will install take?

These are common questions for businesses searching for a new provider. Of course, prices vary greatly and there are many different plans available.

Choose one that suits your business needs. If uptime is critical, get the most reliable service. If you download alot, look for a provider who has no data caps or unlimited bandwidth.

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  • 1. dorispangle  |  March 11, 2014 at 12:51 pm

    Not most but I think now a days all business need a reliable internet service not because of browsing anything but the main effect on Voip phones just because of low cost calling all over the world Voip is better than Land Line of any cell phone for all kind of business.

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