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Polycom 650 Soundpoint Phone – User Guides + Feature Set Up

Continuing with our Polycom Soundpoint user guides, today we are providing articles on how to use the features of the Polycom 650 series.

polycom 650 phone

Polycom 650 Phone

Learn about navigation keys and configure features such as Distinctive Ringing, Call Divert, Do Not Disturb and much more for your Polycom 650 business phone.


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Speed Up Microsoft Outlook E-mail With Archiving

Our most visited article in the Fastmetrics Knowledge Base is our guide on how to archive e-mails with Microsoft Outlook.

archive outlook email

Not only will this speed up your Outlook e-mail system, but it helps organize e-mails and keep your inbox tidy. Archiving instructions in this article apply to all versions of Outlook.


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Polycom Soundpoint 335 Phone User Guides

The first in a series of posts in which we will be educating users of Polycom  Soundpoint Phones.

Today, we will be providing  a link to our KB and articles on the Polycom 335 Series.

polycom 335 soundpoint The Polycom 335 Phone is a popular choice for our hosted business voice customers, as it provides good value and a large range of business voice features.

Check out our Polycom 335 user guide articles for easy to follow instructions on using all the features of the Polycom 335 Soundpoint Phone.


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Things You Should Know About DSL & aDSL2+

Many small businesses use DSL or aDSL2+ as their primary Internet service connection. DSL connections do offer good value to small business users.

Proceed with caution when any ISP guarantees the speed of an aDSL2+ or DSL connection, even after you are told your location qualifies.

aDSL2+ and DSL are distance sensitive Internet connections. Speed will depend on your location and your distance from the CO or Central Office.

For example, you find an aDSL2+ connection with advertised speeds of 15mbps / 1mbps. However, depending on distance, there may be up to a 1.5mbps variation on the 15mbps.

Your equipment (router) should be set up to receive the full 15mbps.  Confirm with your ISP that this is the case.

If you do need guaranteed speeds, go for a T1, bonded T1 or fiber. These Internet connections are more costly, but speed is symmetric, consistent and uptime is more reliable.

In a previous post, we looked at why your business might need reliable Internet service. See what fits your business requirements and budget. Always confirm expected speeds and factor in the above mentioned variation.

business adsl2+




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Is Google SEO Dead? Depends On Your Hat Color

The announcement of the latest Google algorithm change has created widespread panic in the SEO community.

Matt Cutts has publicly stated that the Google Search Quality Team makes > 500 changes every year. Keeping up is impossible. However, the latest change has SEO ears standing up.

google search engine optimization

The recent deindexing of, the popular blog network and Matt Cutts’ talk on the ‘over optimization algorithm change’ SHOULD be of concern, to some SEOers.

Google has described the change as a step to ‘level the SEO playing field’ opening opportunities for white hat SEO to be just as effective as black hat SEO, as it should be!

It has raised a lot of questions about the value / future of SEO efforts. Basically, what is going to hurt your rankings and what is taking your SEO efforts too far?

Mr Cutts explains what Google’s intentions are regarding the latest update

“Absolutely there are some people who take it too far. What we’re mindful of is when someone says, “We’re White Hat. We continue to do the right thing, and we see the Black Hats who are over optimizing or going too far, and they seem to be doing too well.” So we’ve been working on changes to try to make sure that if you are a White Hat or if you’ve been doing very little SEO that you are going to not be affected by this change. But if you’ve been going way far beyond the pale, then that’s the sort of thing where your site might not rank as highly as it did before.”

Should you be concerned? Maybe. How closely alligned with Google’s SEO Guidelines are your SEO efforts?


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Google Takes Down Build My Rank

Google is continuing to ring the changes. Recently Google took down a major blog network, setting SEO Marketers into a panic.

Read more here:

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Dear New ISP – Our Internet Uptime, Speed & Tech Support Sucks.

Daily, we receive calls from businesses looking to switch ISPs. Some are so keen to switch that they break contracts early, (costing a hefty fee) as they can no longer deal with their current ‘service’ providers.

Most often callers are unhappy with their Internet uptime. They describe their Internet connection as “patchy” or unreliable. Other common concerns include; Internet speed not reaching advertised speed and technical support response. (Or lack thereof).

All of these issues are easily avoidable. All ISPs should provide an SLA (Service Level Agreement) with every service offering. The SLA should detail expected level of uptime and action / response if downtime does occur. Connection monitoring should also be standard in any SLA.

READ THE SLA before committing to any Internet service contract.

It will save your business time, effort and money looking for a new provider.

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