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Emergency Technical Support In Action – Pizza Business At Risk!

This afternoon at 3pm we received a call from non-customer Mozzarella Di Bufala Pizza restaurant, who’s XO phone system was down.

They have voiced their concerns with us before about their Internet & Phone service. They must have known in this case, we would deliver!

3:02pm: Fastmetrics Engineer Matt, configures 4 x Polycom Phones.

4:30pm: Phones hand delivered to Di Bufala & set up. Phone service back up and running.

4:31pm: Pizza order picked up. Return journey to Fastmetrics HQ for consumption. Delicious pizza!

A: Fastmetrics, Inc.
B: Mozzarella Di Bufala Pizza Restaurant

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Find Out Who’s Linking To Your Website – Google Search Engine

In search engine type in this text

link: (then website URL). For example:

This will show what other sites are linking to yours. Handy tip for Webmasters & SEOers out there.

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Kodak To Stop Making Cameras –

“Eastman Kodak Co. said Thursday that it will stop making digital cameras, pocket video cameras and digital picture frames, marking the end of an era for the company that brought photography to the masses more than a century ago”.

Read more:

kodak digital camera

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February 9, 2012 at 8:13 pm 1 comment

Wireless Crunch Looms –

“The flipside to the mobile revolution is that we’re rapidly approaching a wireless spectrum crunch”.

Read more:

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Data Centers & Rack Space San Francisco – 365 Main + 360 Spear Street

Fastmetrics manages presence in 2 x San Francisco Data Centers. Fully equipped SAS Certified Data Centers in the heart of San Francisco.

360 Spear Street San Francisco: cabinets, cages, rack space, dedicated servers & hosting on the main floor.
365 Main Street San Francisco: high speed point to point fiber optic internet access.
Data Center Power
– 110V/20A or 220V/20A power circuits fully backed up by generator
– Standard power allocations of 20 amps per cabinet
Data Center Rack Space
– Cabinets – 24″ x 36″ x 7′
– Cages – 6′ x 8′
Data Center Security
– Key card access
– 100% telecom, controlled access building
– Security cameras at all points of entry and exit
– Fully secured loading dock facilities

Data Center Fire Safety
– Pre-action, dry-pipe sprinkler system
– Heat / smoke detectors tied back to security desk & remote monitoring system

Data Center Routing
– HSRP Routing
– BGP4 Routing

Data Center Web Hosting
– Ensim Control Panel Hosting (Ensim)
– Linux Web Hosting
– NetApp Load Balancing

Our San Francisco Data Center Core:
– Capacity of 4 Gigabits from multiple transit providers.
– Our network core is multi-homed.
– Our backbone network load is managed to be well below 30% for burstable connectivity when needed.

For access to test servers, contact 1-800-724-7100.

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Test Your Internet Speed – Fastmetrics Internet Speed Tester

Here it is:

How does your Internet connection test measure up? 🙂

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fiberIVY – Fiber Optic Internet Service – Entry Level Cost

Our fiberIVY service allows Silicon Valley businesses access to high speed + high reliability fiber optic internet, at lower cost.

fiberIVY delivers much more reliable business-class bandwidth than traditional T1 or Bonded T1 service at a much lower cost. Our fully-managed solution is backed by an SLA that guarantees 99.99% uptime.

fiberivy fiber optic internet service

Fastmetrics has fiber presence in many buildings around San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Clara & more areas. See a complete list of addresses here:

Fastmetrics connects your business through existing fiber infrastructure to symmetrical fiber speeds of 10mbps x 10mbps, 20mbps x 20mbps or 50mbps x 50mbps fiber. Service includes hosted PRI or Analog phone lines + free calls (if requested). Installation is free also.

Pricing from $499 per month. or call: 1-800-724-7100

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