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How to Connect a Polycom Soundpoint Phone to your LAN

Polycom Soundpoint IP phones have 2 Ethernet Switch ports in the back.
They are NOT identical.

One is marked with a LAN logo (the switch port on the outside, closest to the case).
The 2nd Ethernet Switch port has an icon of a PC.

When the PC port is connected in error, i.e. the PC port is connected to the router, then the LCD displays ‘Network link down’.

It is best to only connect one Ethernet cable to the Polycom Soundpoint first up.

Start with the cable coming from your router and plug this into the phone LAN port directly.

connect polycom soundpoint to LAN

Now your Polycom phone should aquire a network address from the router in the NAT ip range you specified in the router. Often this is in the range of

To see what network address your Polycom phone has acquired you can push [menu] 2 2 1 after it has booted up. During boot, you can push the soft button ‘About’ and it will show you when it acquires a network ip.

Optional: Now when your Polycom phone is working, you can connect the second cable to the PC.

To do so, connect the cable from the Polycom Soundpoint Switch port marked with the PC logo to the computer you would like to use.

Cody James Miller


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New Fastmetrics Yelp Reviews Up

Fastmetrics has received some new Yelp reviews.

fastmetrics reviews on yelp

Read Fastmetrics Reviews on Yelp

The people have spoken….and have mostly been kind, which is a positive.

Thanks to all for the feedback.

Here they are; Fastmetrics Yelp Reviews.

Cody James Miller
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