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Fastmetrics enhances e-mail & webmail service

Fastmetrics has enhanced it’s email & webmail service, offering more to our clients throughout the United States.

The updated webmail service offers the option to use Pronto, the dynamic interface which allows EVERYTHING from your inbox.

– Utilize our Outlook style webmail service, so you can access your important information & e-mails from anywhere.

– Stay in touch with your colleagues with Pronto, using instant messaging from your inbox, or a soft phone for VoIP users.


Pronto! IM, soft phone & more from your inbox

Fastmetrics also provides extensive hosted email services to businesses.
Microsoft Exchange® compatible hosting includes shared calendaring, contacts, notes & tasks using an integrated MAPI connector.

All e-mail services with Fastmetrics include;
– MetricScrub, our well known spam & virus filtering software, powered by Postini.
– Access to a email list server which supports, digests & archives your email lists. The list server has an intuitive interface that allows you to add & modify email user accounts easily.
– Email subscription service: A feature which allows you to set permissions on your files / folders in your email account. Set up groups and / or individual mailboxes and specify which items those users should share & who can see them.

Cody James Miller

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250mbps Up & Down Fiber Internet to your Business Door

With MetricFiber, unlock your networking power.
– Ability to connect offices & remote workers over 1 fast & secure fiber internet service.
– No more waiting for uploads & downloads.
– Get 100mbps & up to 250mbps upload & download speeds, delivered to your building or office.
– 250mbps is a new speed now provisioned by Fastmetrics.

100mbps up & down with MetricFiber

MetricFiber uses Ethernet & fiber optic technology to deliver the fastest internet speeds to your business.

For more info on how MetricFiber is installed, read this entry by our CEO & MetricFiber creator, Andreas Glocker.

Or visit our MetricFiber page.

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5 Proven Tactics to Uplevel Your Client Base

Do you have clients or customers who tell you that they can’t afford to pay you for your business service?

Are you often asked for “pro bono services“?

Need help changing your target market or business audience?

Image courtesy of

A great list of tactics to ‘up’ your client base, here.

Article from Donna Gunter, as part of the ever reliable Site Reference Newsletter.

Cody James Miller

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Fastmetrics White Paper on combined communications & hosted IP for businesses

Fastmetrics wrote this white paper on combined communications & hosted IP services for businesses in October 2006.

Many would consider this ‘old’ news in the world of hosted IP & bundled services.

But, after looking back & reviewing the document, this white paper still has a lot of valuable information for small, medium & large businesses today.

Find out how combined communications / hosted IP can benefit your business by;
– never missing a call.
– instant message colleagues when out of the office.
– access webmail from your mobile, (iPhone / Blackberry / smart phone).
– utilizing VoIP to it’s full potential.
– not investing huge amounts of money in new hardware / software infrastructure.

Plus much more.

Cody James Miller

April 2, 2010 at 7:09 pm Leave a comment

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