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Speed Up & Access Outlook Email from Multiple Locations with MAPI

Most people only have Microsoft Outlook at a single location.

To access Microsoft Outlook email remotely, people use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) client, or tools like GoToMyPC from home.
Alternatively, Fastmetrics customers can use the Fastmetrics hosted web browser to access their email from the internet (webmail), with an Outlook interface.

microsoft outlook service

If you are a Fastmetrics client, or would like to know how to improve document upload speed with Microsoft Outlook, or access Outlook email from multiple locations, follow the steps below.

Essentially, the point is to create a local cache of data replicating all the data on the mail server.
Thus, performance to a local user is greatly enhanced.

Before continuing, make sure that you will not be using the computer for about 2 hours as it might take at least this time or more to fully sync all the folders.

During syncing, it might seem like Microsoft Outlook is frozen, and you will not be able to use it.
This will only happen once!
Complete these steps over lunch or at the end of the day.
The first time you change these settings, Microsoft Outlook will sync the entire folder to the local computer to speed up performance.
Doing this will keep your local computer up to date always & performance will greatly improve.

Log into Microsoft Outlook, (the location of the program will vary), find it by following this path, (if not on the desktop).
– Click Start
– Select All Programs
– Highlight Microsoft Office
– Double click on Microsoft Outlook

You might find a desktop short cut, you can double click on it to open Outlook, you might also find it on the start menu, or maybe in all 3 places.

To set up access from different computers for Microsoft Outlook, follow these steps.

1. Click on Tools, Email accounts.
2. Now select “View or change existing email accounts” . Then click “next”.
3. Double click Communigate, DO NOT click Finish.
4. Click the Advanced tab at the top.
5. If you access you account from more than one location select “Global Microsoft Outlook Application Data folder (Roamed)” if not, select “Local Microsoft Outlook Application Data folder”.
6. Click OK.
7. And now click finish.
8. If you see the MAPI progress bar, wait until this process is complete. Do not interrupt your system at it may cause errors.
9. Make sure that you restart Microsoft Outlook to see the changes.
10. Select the mail folder.
If you did not see the progress bar last time, you will see it this time.
Let the sync process complete, remember not to interrupt your system.
REMEMBER this is only going to happen once!
If you see nothing happening, leave the computer alone, it is synchronizing.
11. Process complete.

You can now access Outlook from different places, remotely, on the road, wherever there is an internet connection.

Access it with the webmail;
http://mail.%5Byourdomain%5D.%5Bcom%5D/ or;
http://mail.%5Byourdomain%5D.%5Bcom%5D/Pronto or;
– log in from the Fastmetrics server;

Alternatively, access it from your desktop using the faster local cache with Microsoft Outlook and its features.

Ana Guillen
Technical Support Team
fastmetrics mail


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How to connect to a remote log in session for tech support

LogMeIn is a support tool that enables a Fastmetrics Technician to ‘log into’ your computer remotely. This enables the technician to perform tasks on your computer themselves, rather than guide you through the process of fixing your tech support problem over the phone.

Here’s how to connect to a Fastmetrics Technician with LogMeIn:

1. Open a web browser and type in

2. You will see the following window where you will be asked to enter a unique, one time use code. This code is provided by the Fastmetrics technician that will be working with you.

3. You will now be asked to download a file, click save.

4. Now run the file.

Note: Steps 3 & 4 will have to be completed every time you do a remote session, but you can delete the file when you finish.

5. You will see the message below, click YES.

technical support

6. You will now see a chat screen. This way the Fastmetrics Tech can chat to you via your computer, or will keep you on the phone as your technical support problem is resolved.
When the session is done, this message box will let you know.


Ana Guillen
Technical Support Team

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Fastmetrics Support & Knowledge Base

Fastmetrics has added Knowledge Base and Support categories to our blog.

Click on the above link to find out about;
– Phone configuration guides & user manuals.
– Broadsoft user guides.
– Polycom user guide & configuration tips.
– Communigate features (Pronto, MobileOffice, etc).
– Configure e-mail & MAPI.
– Network support issues.
– Configure your Nokia or iPhone for e-mail.
& more useful articles for your business.

Articles coming soon, once we move them from our old Knowledge Base.


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VoIP Soft Phone from your Webmail Inbox

With Pronto, I can check my webmail, instant message work colleagues & make a VoIP call using the same interface.

It’s really easy to use. I just use a headset to make calls, that’s all you need.
The voice quality is really good.

I can do what I want to from Pronto. I don’t need a lot of different windows or a soft phone interface open.
Everything from the inbox.

This is a screenshot of me calling Australia. You can use the soft keypad, type in the number, or double click on a contact or number from your call history. (Use the drop down number pad for voice prompt selections).

pronto webmail and more

Make calls from your webmail with Pronto

Below is the main menu which can be found at the top of the Pronto interface.


All these features from one interface

– Webmail
– Shared calendars
– Contacts
– News feed (add your favorite subscriptions & feeds)
– Music
– Photos
– Video
– Files
– Social
– Twitter (tweet without having to go to Twitter).

The soft phone is my favorite feature. It’s so simple to make VoIP calls.
That and Twitter updates from Pronto. Just a matter of entering your Twitter account details & once again, you can do everything from the Pronto interface.

Another feature of Pronto is it’s AIR interface.
I must admit I do not use this feature much, but it is available & a great solution for people or businesses who receive alot of files in their inbox.

Store music, image & text files in Pronto or easily organize them on your desktop with an easy drag & drop.

Stay tuned for more Pronto features. I think it is a great tool worth blogging about.

Cody James Miller


April 20, 2010 at 8:05 pm 2 comments

International Dialing Codes Service

If you need to make a phone call to someone in another country and you are not quite sure how to dial the number, then this service should hopefully help you.

Find out how to dial an international number easily

Cody James Miller
fastmetrics bundles


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Beware The Broadband Evergreen Trap!

I am not talking about Christmas trees here. I am talking about strategies employed by large carriers such as XO or Telepacific to retain revenue forever.

Basically, if you are a business owner or CTO for a business in California and have signed a telecommunications contract, beware of the contract date and the conditions under which it renews.

Beware of contract renewal conditions

Fastmetrics is a systems integrator and we handle all contracts for our customers. While we have reasonable renewal clauses, some of our competitors do not.

They call them ‘evergreen clauses’, and it basically states that “after the initial contract term of 3 years, the contract will automatically renew for an additional 1 year term (& sometimes 3 year term)“.
To cancel the contract, the customer has to notify the carrier 30 days in advance of the renewal date.

Now the ‘Gotcha!’
Sometimes we have customers with internet & telephone service on an old carrier agreement.
In that case some companies play an even more confusing game.
I would like to assume it is due to incompetence, but one has suspicions that it may be a sinister plot.

Some Fastmetrics’ customers HAVE cancelled with their provider 30 days in advance of the renewal date and presto….they were told that if you cancel you will not be able to initiate the telephone number port, you will lose your existing numbers.

I was stunned to hear that, and was certain this was due to incompetence of the carrier (at least I HOPE it was incompetence, and not a malicious plot to retain customers despite the customers’ desires).

Of course you can cancel 30 days in advance, and still port your telephone numbers….all you have to do is make sure the process is complete prior to the end date of the contract.

To make this easy, plan for a little overlap.
Fastmetrics often puts in a temporary service in advance of the MetricFiber service to bridge overlap time. This way end users can start using the telephone service prior to the end of the existing contract on the new service.

Andreas Glocker
fastmetrics bundles


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Technical Support that goes Above & Beyond for your Business

The Fastmetrics Technical Support Team recently received feedback on some of their work with one of our T-Squared clients.

The T-Squared provides access up to 3Mbps up & down on the WAN link.

The client was having trouble with errors on one end of their connections to the equipment in their office & before that with QoS (Quality of Service) for their phones. Fastmetrics fixed the problem for both the phones & connection, even though the phone service was not ours!

    Below is the e-mail addressed to our Technical Support Manager & a graphic provided by the client;


Wanted to share the results of all of your hard work this past week(s). Today we hit a peak of 2MBs which was more than we have all week with a zero error count on our outside interface (WAN). Notice the drop off of errors starting on Thursday afternoon after our last call:

Thanks again for all your help! We really appreciate it!

The problem was fixed by implementing better QoS rules and figuring out that the two devices weren’t “playing nice together” in the auto duplex and auto speed negotiation area.

The support technician was able to force them into full duplex and 100Mbps on the FastEthernet link, – (the LAN link on the inside of the router), resolving the client’s problem with their errors & phones.

Fastmetrics provides 24/7/365 customer support to their clients

Cody James Miller
fastmetrics bundles


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