High speed fiber internet service to every office in your building – San Francisco

March 30, 2010 at 8:34 pm Leave a comment

What has Fastmetrics been working on of late?
Well, MetricFiber installations for one.
Coupled with a new service from Fastmetrics called FiberIVY, this combination allows a fiber internet ‘network’ to be created throughout an entire building.

What does this mean? Fiber internet speeds, (faster than broadband), for every tenant or office in the building. A perfect solution for large businesses with multiple departments or lots of smaller businesses.

Our latest entry comes from our CEO, Andreas Glocker.

Below is one of our pilot buildings, where we bring MetricFiber to the building then share it out using a Zyxel vDSL DSLAM.
The picture shows from top to bottom the MetricFiber Cisco Catalyst, then the Zyxel vDSL DSLAM.

Fiber internet set up

MetricFiber 100mbps up & down

This allows Fastmetrics to deliver up to 100mpbs down and 50mbps upload over copper to each tenant throughout the building. Although those speeds are not economically sustainable, Fastmetrics is currently offering 10mbps / 5mpbs service to each tenant, but will have the capability to increase speeds in the future as rates come down, or fees are more elastic.

Cody James Miller
fastmetrics - business network services

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