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Fastmetrics extends technical support coverage with new office

Fastmetrics now has an out-of-state branch office. We contract some of our technical support (via VoIP), marketing, and web development work to this branch office for several reasons, but primarily for redundancy and time zone coverage.

To ensure functionality, we employ DSL and cable connections that are completely separate.

Under normal operation, we use a “Poor Man’s” QoS and separate the voice traffic from the computer traffic using VLAN’s through a Cisco 2950 switch that breaks the voice traffic out to the DSL link and the PC traffic to the cable connection. The traffic actually goes across VPN connections to ensure reliability and security.

fastmetrics managed voip polycom

The VoFM (Voice over FastMetrics) solution works so well that clients don’t realize that they aren’t talking to someone in San Francisco.

Ted Weston


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Fastmetrics ranks highly for another keyword. High organic SEO results!

Recent Google results show Fastmetrics has added another popular keyword to it’s list of high organic rankers.

As of today, ranked #5 out of 79,000,000 search results. A targeted keyword too, double bonus!

organic seo
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Ask me how;

Or read more on how to achieve high organic SEO results here, with a keyword strategy.

Cody James Miller

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FREE Web Submission Tool – submit your site to all the major search engines.

An extremely useful SEO tool here.

Submit your website to all of the major search engines, (ranked in terms of popularity). FREE auto & manual submission, very easy to use.

Increase your website’s reach by submitting to all of the popular search engines, with this simple Search Engine Optimization step.

site submission
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Fastmetrics adds live chat to site: faster customer support & service.

Fastmetrics has recently added a live chat feature to

Now customers and visitors can chat directly to a live Fastmetrics operator.
Any support or business inquiries can be answered directly, without having to wait for a return e-mail, or phone call.

"Chat directly with a Fastmetrics consultant"

The decision to add a live chat feature to the Fastmetrics site was an easy one; an effective way of engaging with Fastmetrics web traffic and existing clients.

Try it out today here on the Fastmetrics website.

Cody James Miller


September 1, 2009 at 7:56 pm Leave a comment The start-up that can predict the fate of others’?

“Two former Oxford University students are getting attention (and seed money) in Silicon Valley, for developing new technology that automates aspects of the venture capital decision-making process”. offers predictions on whether a start-up will succeed or fail, based on a range of information gathered. Ultimately, YouNoodle aims to take the guess work out of venture capitalist investment.

Image courtesy of

“The model relies on four basic areas: the team, financial factors, the concept, and advisors. A startup company fills in a survey with detailed questions focused on these four areas, and out pops the valuation”.

YouNoodle is now featured on websites such as the SFGate Business News, in its own start-up index section.

Matt Richtel writes more here in his article from the New York times.

Cody James Miller


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