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Build a fan page on Facebook & get active on Twitter to promote your business.

Building a fan page on Facebook can be a great way to connect to one of the most popular social media sites in the world. It is very easy to do. Instantly add your existing friends and also promote your fan page with updates, messages and ads.

Become a fan of Fastmetrics on Facebook. Check it out;

Fastmetrics on Facebook

twitter and facebook
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The popularity of Twitter is well documented. Even President Obama has a profile, one of the most popular on Twitter.

Follow people of interest and click to sites which are updated through Twitter. Of course, this is handy for promoting your own site, blog or just letting your followers know what you are up to.

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We look forward to becoming your new fan, or following you on Twitter!

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Pronto! Better communications & much more from your inbox.

Pronto! provides you with all your internet communication needs and other great features from your inbox. IM, (instant messaging), a soft phone for VoIP calls, store videos, photos, upload blog entries, and of course e-mail, all from one dynamic interface.

Based on Adobe Flash / Flex 3 / Air technologies, Pronto! unifies all forms of internet communications in a very manageable interface, that you can access anywhere. “Whether users are in their office, at home, or on the road, they can access their e-mail, IM, telephony, or files with the click of a mouse”.

pronto interface

Other features include shared calendaring, call control – (conference calls, transfers, etc), and lots more. Additionally, Pronto! is secure, fast and < 2mb in size, with no heavy protocols attached. So, access all these features without delay, over a secure and safe interface.

Personally, I have found Pronto! to be a very productive tool. I can access my e-mail over the web in Outlook style, and IM with my work colleagues from anywhere. (You can easily add e-mail, phone or chat contacts). Also, the soft phone is very good. I can look up a contact and instantly dial their number. EVERYTHING from the inbox!

To read more about what Pronto! can offer you, the datasheet from CommuniGate can be downloaded here.

Fastmetrics is proud to announce that it now offers Pronto! to all e-mail clients, in addition to our webmail service. Clients have the option of using webmail, or the dynamic Pronto! interface.

Cody James Miller

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Google Webmaster Tools – monitor your SEO progress & more.

I have been a user of Google Webmaster Tools since starting in SEO. It has gradually had features added to it and now has a new dynamic interface.

webmaster tools
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Not just a place for webmasters, but a great way to keep track of what keywords are being used to find your site, what keywords are bringing up your site and monitoring sitelinks and external links.

Google Webmaster Tools also provides an XML sitemap inclusion option, which it will crawl directly. (XML sitemaps allow search engines to crawl a list of URLs that are available on your website, from a single “page” or file).

In addition, find crawl errors and pages that might need a 404 redirect placed on them.

Overall, a very useful, free tool for monitoring SEO progress and your website performance, when it comes to Google. Described as; “your one-stop shop for webmaster resources that will help you with your crawling and indexing questions, introduce you to offerings that can enhance and increase traffic to your site, and connect you with your visitors”.

You will find all the major search engines, including Microsoft’s latest and greatest, Bing, have similar facilities. It will help your site if you submit an XML sitemap to these too!

Highly recommended. Check it out – Google Webmaster Tools.

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Optimize your website with SEO – tricks & tips.

So you have a website. It’s neat and you’re pretty chuffed about it.

But will people find it? Will Google even list your site when someone searches for info or a product that you have on your site?

SEO can be the answer. With the right SEO planning and research, bring your site traffic. Targeted traffic.

Keyword research can make or break your website. Too broad, too difficult to rank. Too specific, no one will search using these terms. It’s a fine line, but it can be done. (Top 10 Google rankings and how Fastmetrics did it, here).

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This week from entireweb newsletter, some tips and SEO knowledge that every website should implement.

If you take only one thing from the article, let it be this; take action! Do some SEO work on your website today. There is always room for improvement when it comes to SEO.

Cody James Miller


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Comparing POP3, IMAP and MAPI e-mail

POP3 accounts/
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When using this type of an account you only have one folder, the Inbox folder. You can create new local folders that will be kept in your local hard drive. Keep in mind that you will not be able to see them if you log in to your e-mail account from a different location. POP3 will move all your mail from the server to your hard drive.

A large disadvantage this protocol has is when you want to view old e-mail you have to be using the computer where the e-mail was downloaded to originally. One advantage with this type of account is that here is no need to be or stay connected to the internet to view e-mails already on your computer you do not have to stay logged on to the Internet. You can log on when you want to receive and send new messages. Once your new messages have been downloaded to your computer you can log off to read them.

POP3 is not a good option to use if you are going to be logging in from more than one location or from more than one computer. Personally, I feel uncomfortable at the thought that if my computer crashed I would lose all my e-mails.

IMAP accounts

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When using IMAP, all your mail will stay on the server unless you choose to move it. It allows you to have more than one folder on the server and you can log in from any computer. You can view the folders from any computer as well.

IMAP is a better option to use if you are going to be logging in from different computers. You can log in to your web mail also to access all the e-mails that you have on the server without having to set up a mail client like Outlook at every different location you wish to log on. If your computer crashes everything that is on the server is intact, and you can just set up your account on your new computer and all you e-mails will be there.

MAPI accounts

A MAPI account can do what a IMAP account can do, plus it will have a live connection to the server. It makes it alot easier to share your inbox, calendar, contacts, tasks, and any notes with information to see when you are available.You can have control of who can see and modify your folders. You can also check your e-mail and your shared information from a web browser, it can be set up to do nearly everything an exchange server can do. This my favorite one of the three to use.

By: Ana Guillen

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