Top 10 Google rankings & how we did it.

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Fastmetrics is very proud of our recent organic search results for keywords that we implemented in an SEO plan about 6 months ago.

We have decided to share the secrets of our success. Why?
Because SEO is about finding your own market and targeting it.
Maybe our competitors take advantage of this information. But SEO is always changing. To stay in front, you have to change with it.

How has implementing a keyword strategy helped?

Increases in;
-site links
-pagerank for individual site pages
organic traffic

Emphasis on organic traffic here, because it’s free and YOU can determine what keywords you want to rank for, with a keyword strategy.

Image courtesy of Stylish Design.

What was our keyword strategy?

An SEO plan was definitely the building block of our success. This provided a guide on what we wanted to do and how we were going to do it. Secondly, an SEO site review picked up a lot of areas that were not optimized for the search engines at all.
(This is a work in progress. While we are now ranked well for selected keywords, there are always new ones popping up).

A time consuming part of the process was keyword analysis, where we asked ourselves a lot of questions.
1. What keywords did we want to rank for?
2. What keywords were our competitors using?
3. What was the search volume of our selected keywords?
4. Were they too broad to rank well, but specific enough to target our market?

Then it was a matter of implementing SEO keyword changes to our site; tags, alt text, placement, links, URLs, etc.
It did take time to get the results we were after, but the outcome has been very pleasing.

Not to give everything away, Fastmetrics is now ranking in the top 10 of Google results for some of these keywords;
-ethernet san francisco
-business network solutions
-network solutions provider
-broadband san francisco (business & organic ranking).
-managed voip san francisco
-hosted pbx san francisco
-bonded t1s
-port phone number
-port telephone number

Of course, our SEO efforts are ongoing. SEO is always evolving. Google Webmaster Tools shows what terms people are using to find our site and there is always new keywords to look into.

Also, Google Analytics reveals new areas where we need improvement, in particular, reducing bounce rates with site inter-linking and more dynamic content. That is a whole new project in itself, but we’re working on it.

We are also working on better keywords, to get that targeted organic search traffic coming in.

Cody James Miller

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