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Pay per click advertising tips & techniques. Improve your PPC ads.

Struggling against a tide of low click through rates, (CTR), or even lower conversion rates?

Want to increase the amount of clicks on your PPC ads, but unsure where to start?

Aashish Malve discusses some ways to improve your PPC marketing, here.

Image courtesy of Geekcamp.

Change your PPC approach and start getting those clicks, which can lead to higher conversions.

Cody James Miller


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The Hamlet Batista interview.

Hamlet Batista is an SEO expert.

Over the years, Hamlet Batista has established himself at the forefront of the SEO world, through his insightful blog, Hamlet Batista dot Com, and of course, through the development of RankSense, his cutting edge SEO software program. Hamlet is also a published search engine marketing author and the CEO & founder of Nemedia S.A, his software development company.

Hamlet was kind enough to answer some questions for us, and we really appreciate the insight. We hope you do too!

Interview with Hamlet Batista, CEO & Founder of RankSense SEO Software

Hamlet Batista
Image courtesy of

1. When did you first get involved in SEO?
[Hamlet] I started back in 2002 working on my own sites.

2. Biggest SEO achievement?
[Hamlet] Having continuously ranking my web sites on the front page of Google, above the fold for very competitive and profitable search terms like Viagra, Payday loans, etc.

3. Best source of SEO information on the web?
[Hamlet] A couple of the best free SEO information sites for someone both new and experienced in SEO that I would recommend are Dan Thies’s “SEOFastStart Guide” and SEOmoz’s “Beginner’s Guide to SEO”. For ongoing news and search related news, I would recommend Danny Sullivan’s “SearchEngineLand”, along with such sites as “Search Engine Watch”, “Webmaster Central” and “Sphinn” which are also an excellent way to keep up with the latest in the search marketing industry news.

4. Some sites we would find in your bookmarks?
[Hamlet] Those I mentioned above especially Sphinn homepage which give an excellent overview of what is recommended as some of the better articles in the search and social marketing industries. Also subscribing to Search Engines “Search Cap: A Day in Search” provides excellent coverage of what is happening in the industry.

5. Best advice to anyone starting a new SEO project / career?
[Hamlet] Don’t give up your day job! Actually I am kidding. SEO is a rapidly growing, excellent choice for a new career or your own project however it now requires a great deal of effort and hard work or you can use my software, RankSense, and have everything you need to start your SEO career:).
That said, I would recommend:
• Using some of the above mentioned recommended sites, get to know the basic essentials of SEO and PPC. Read everything you can about the subject, subscribe to our communities and most of all, never stop learning
• Start with building and promoting a site of your own. Pick something you are interested in and then find related affiliate offers which will fit with your site’s audience.
• While you are waiting for your SEO efforts to begin to take, start by promoting your site using PPC on Google, Yahoo and MSN (note different search engines are more effective depending on the type of products you are promoting). This will help you to quickly learn to seek out and determine what keywords, ads and landing pages combinations provide the best results (especially since you are paying for it).
• At the same time, optimize the website for the best performing keywords, starting with those hidden, less competitive keywords that you can rank highly for (something that RankSense was built specifically for).
• Critical to a new site’s success is the ability to develop compelling content which will help attract links to the site.
• Once you have successfully implemented what you have learned and having derived certain success with your own efforts, will give you the necessary experience, results and confidence to demonstrate your SEO abilities to your potential clients.

6. Most read blog, (not including your own).

7. If you weren’t working in SEO what would you be doing?
[Hamlet] I would be developing new software products. I have loved building our RankSense SEO Software and look forward to developing new software products which will compliment and deepen our RankSense product line. Bottom line, I absolutely love software development.

8. Suggestions for anyone who has dropped in their Google PR?
[Hamlet] People put too much stock in page rank. If their traffic levels are the same, they should not worry too much about it. Otherwise if traffic levels drop, in the short term implement paid for (PPC) advertising to compensate. Meanwhile check to see what you did on the site that may have broken any of the Google quality guidelines and fix it.

9. SEO results can take a lot of time…what is the “light at the end of the tunnel” for you?
[Hamlet] When you start to get quality, high converting traffic to your site by focusing on the hidden, “low hanging fruit” keywords. There are plenty of profitable keywords in the long tail, which your competition has likely overlooked. Taking the road less traveled, not focusing on the most searched keywords (which is what most do) and working on those harder to find, hidden keywords and keyword phrases which will result in targeted, profitable visitors coming to the site.

10. How can SEOs gain “an edge” in the SEO market?
[Hamlet] Learn from the experts. Read everything you can on SEO and constantly be testing and measuring new ideas. Most of all, do things right, do not take risky shortcuts and focus on results.

Thanks for your time, Hamlet.

Cody James Miller
Fastmetrics San Francisco

March 12, 2009 at 6:54 pm 3 comments

Stop linking to bad neighborhoods! Link checker tool.

“Text links are an important factor in today’s search engine optimization, and exchanging links with other websites is a good way to get them. However, doing a link exchange with a website that is penalized can have some detrimental results”.

That’s right.

Any site that is involved in “black hat” SEO techniques or has already been penalized by Google, will hurt your site if you link to them. As enticing as it may be to exchange links with site X that has “millions of unique visitors every day”, or submit your link to any site for that matter, it is good practice to check it out first.

A “bad neighborhood” or site looked upon unfavorably by Google due to activity outside of the Google SEO guidelines, can harm your page rank and Google presence.

To avoid this, utilize this tool, the bad neighborhood link exchange checker.

White hat seo - the best SEO!
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A very comprehensive tool for webmasters.

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Fastmetrics - San Francisco


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Link bait strategy: why, who & how?

“Acquiring good links is an art form. Sometimes you’ll have great content that flops. Sometimes you’ll have what you consider mediocre content that hits a nerve and spreads like wildfire. It’s important to remember that the best links come from real human beings”. – Ryan Caldwell, SEO Journal.

Link bait is a highly discussed SEO method implemented to obtain natural links back to your content.

Sound difficult? Yes, well it is no easy feat. When they say “content is King!” that is correct. But even the most engaging, highly readable content won’t always produce links back to your work.

Image courtesy of Elliance, Inc.

There are, however, some ways that will help you generate links to your content, aka linkbait. A good linkbait strategy can have readers not only link to your content, but keep coming back for more.

Ryan Caldwell of SEO Journal discusses the psychology of linkbait in this informative post here.

Cody James Miller
Fastmetrics - San Francisco


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