Dream travel destinations with Google Earth

February 25, 2009 at 8:55 pm Leave a comment

Did you ever want to see the great pyramids of Egypt. Perhaps Niagara Falls, or the Grand Canyon. Ayers Rock in the outback of Australia. The Greek Islands or the Alhambra of Granada, Spain.
The peak of Mount Everest at 29,028ft above sea level.

Maybe you have been lucky enough to have witnessed some of these great sites in person. Did you get to stay for as long as you wanted?
Were you able to view all the details / angles from the vantage point of your own two feet?

Mount Everest from your own two feet

The answer; Google Earth.

Real time satellite imagery provided by Google Earth provides quality viewing to anywhere in the world. See places in more detail than ever before.

View your dream holiday destinations, see all the sights from your very own home. Return to your favorite travel destinations, and see them up closer than in person. Even check out your own ‘hood just for something to do.

Is Google Earth better than the real thing? Probably not. But, you will have bragging rights over the most avid traveler. Tell your rock climbing buddy that you have seen the peaks of Everest in more detail than they ever could imagine. In real time.

Check out the top 10 Google Earth destinations of KCC Big Country here.

Happy internet travels to all!

Cody James Miller
Fastmetrics - San Francisco

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