Broadband. An organic SEO study.

February 9, 2009 at 9:22 pm Leave a comment

Enter the word broadband into Google and what do you get?
Mostly informative sites such as Wikipedia,, and the like.

But what commercial sites are ranking for this keyword?
How do they do it, organically?

From my search today, it returned one commerical result,
(I wonder how much that domain name cost! A nice URL to have if you are selling broadband).

Looking into this site further, it is in Flash, which I have read, is not SEO friendly. The source code for this page contained no keyword or description tags, and a short title tag containing the word “broadband” once. Flash again? Maybe they are buried somewhere in a CMS? I don’t know, it doesn’t really matter.

What does matter is;
The exceptional ranking of this site, for such a common keyword.

This emphasizes the importance search engines place on quality inbound links.
As is a TelcoIQ service, cross selling for companies such as at&t, Covad, Qwest and XO to name a few, this is where some of the high quality, high ranking page links are coming from.

Not to mention that every time the word “broadband” is entered into a Google search, is listed at number 7, out of 96,000,000 results. So a few clicks or “votes” there.

Obviously the URL is helpful as well.

Site analysis through the GridSix tool here also revealed a few things about;

  • The site is ten years old
  • More site & page links from Yahoo
  • Google PR of 4
  • Alexa PR of 808,169
  • You can draw what you want from those findings, but the links are of note.
    There are many, widespread links from quality sources.

    SEOers will say that a keyword like broadband is too short-tail, you are better off targeting a more defined market, like “business broadband”, “broadband services San Francisco”, or “bonded t1 broadband”. It IS harder to rank for short-tail keywords. But, if you can find quality inbound links, this will help your site climb organically. Short-tail or not.

    Of course, the old SEO rule of; it won’t happen over night, but it will happen, applies. : )

    Cody James Miller
    Fastmetrics - San Francisco


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