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How to increase your PageRank in Google

Found another useful article here, which details some excellent methods for a major online goal; increasing your Google Page Rank.

Note: having your URL on this shirt would increase your website traffic.

Google Girl to the rescue!

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(Cartoon courtesy of

Cody James Miller
Fastmetrics - San Francisco


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Apple iPhone or Nokia N96? Review time.

An interesting review with some handy feature comparisons, here.

So what comes out on top? You decide.

iPhone vs. Nokia N96

Cody James Miller
Fastmetrics - San Francisco

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Dream travel destinations with Google Earth

Did you ever want to see the great pyramids of Egypt. Perhaps Niagara Falls, or the Grand Canyon. Ayers Rock in the outback of Australia. The Greek Islands or the Alhambra of Granada, Spain.
The peak of Mount Everest at 29,028ft above sea level.

Maybe you have been lucky enough to have witnessed some of these great sites in person. Did you get to stay for as long as you wanted?
Were you able to view all the details / angles from the vantage point of your own two feet?

Mount Everest from your own two feet

The answer; Google Earth.

Real time satellite imagery provided by Google Earth provides quality viewing to anywhere in the world. See places in more detail than ever before.

View your dream holiday destinations, see all the sights from your very own home. Return to your favorite travel destinations, and see them up closer than in person. Even check out your own ‘hood just for something to do.

Is Google Earth better than the real thing? Probably not. But, you will have bragging rights over the most avid traveler. Tell your rock climbing buddy that you have seen the peaks of Everest in more detail than they ever could imagine. In real time.

Check out the top 10 Google Earth destinations of KCC Big Country here.

Happy internet travels to all!

Cody James Miller
Fastmetrics - San Francisco


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Knowledge Bases; an online library for your business.

A Knowledge Base is a great online tool / resource for your business. Like an online library, KB’s can be very educational for existing clients and establishing your business as a subject matter expert.

A Knowledge Base shows just that, knowledge, in your area of expertise or business. As well as providing a valuable source of information, clients can search articles that you post to answer their questions, concerns and get help.

Online library

For example, read a step by step guide on how to configure your iPhone for email, as posted here, learn about recovering back up files, or discover how to install the Pronto! Air dynamic web interface.

Incorporating a KB into your website for your business can help, in more ways than one.

Cody James Miller
Fastmetrics - San Francisco


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10 best strategies to increase online exposure

I subscribe to A LOT of e-mail newsletters, sorting the useful from the trash, every week.

Some are worthy of an instant delete, masked “tips” and “how to guides” that are blatant advertising for everything under the sun. Others, stand out and are worthy of a click through.

Increase online exposure & site traffic

One in particular, stands out, week after week.
No buy-ins, just useful information.

Today, 10 strategies to increase online exposure, as supplied by Site Reference Newsletter here. Some great information within.

Cody James Miller
Fastmetrics - San Francisco


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Configure your Nokia to receive email from your mail server

This Fastmetrics article will tell you how to configure your Nokia E Series to receive e-mail from your mail server.

Provides Over The Air synchronization to wireless devices such as Nokia E Series with Nokia “Mail for Exchange” software installed. The lastest version can be d/loaded here.

Enables end users to synchronize Personal Information Manager (PIM) data such as email, contacts, events and tasks, on devices running Microsoft Windows Mobile OS 5.X / 6.X to a server-based information store.

Compatible with NOKIA E50, E60, E61, E62 & E70 mobile devices.

Nokia E Series mobile devices / phones

    On your Nokia E Series Mobile Device, press the MENU key, to access applications screen.
    -Open MAIL LAUNCHERS icon.
    -On the INSTALLATIONS Screen, select MAIL FOR EXCHANGE and install it.
    -Create a synchronization profile that controls what and when you synchronize.

    Under CONNECTIONS settings;
    -Enter Exchange Server details, eg: “”.
    -Enter Internet access point your mobile phone will use to connect with the mail server.

    Under CREDENTIALS tab;
    -Set the Credentials that ID the account to the server;

    -Select what to synchronize;
    -Calendar or tasks.
    -Plus what to do in case of content conflicts.

    Synchronization occurs according to the profile created.
    MANUAL– Must select option > SYCHRONIZE to get content for the first time.
    ALWAYS ON – First synchronization occurs when profile saved.

For a video demonstration of this process, please visit Communigate here.

Cody James Miller
Fastmetrics - San Francisco


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Facebook user fury over content rights

Recent changes to the Facebook terms of service have sparked outrage in the social media platform, with users responding angrily to Facebook claiming ownership to user’s content, even if it is deleted.

“The February 4 change to the terms of service — the online agreement that users must accept to join — included language giving Facebook “perpetual worldwide license” to anything posted on the network. The move sparked a backlash among users with more than 85,000 joining a Facebook group “People Against the new Terms of Service””.

“Facebook should now be called The Information Blackhole,” one commenter proclaimed. “What goes in never comes out. Be careful what you huck in there.”

Since the change, Facebook founder & CEO Mark Zuckerberg has posted in the Facebook Blog, stating that Facebook would be returning to its previous terms of service; “Based on this feedback, we have decided to return to our previous terms of use while we resolve the issues that people have raised”. A quick shift in policy from the world’s youngest billionaire.

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO & Founder - the world's youngest billionaire

Zuckerberg said a new group had been created — “Facebook Bill of Rights and Responsibilities” — to allow users to post “questions, comments and requests.”

Zuckerberg said the terms would be revised — but with the input of users this time.

Cody James Miller
Fastmetrics - San Francisco


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