How Fiber Optics Work For Better Telecommunications

Fiber optic technology has revolutionized the telecommunications industry, but how?

It has taken many years for fiber optics to be used to their full potential for telecommunication services. Considering fiber optic technology was first created more than 43 years ago, progress has been slow. Ironic, seeing fiber offers end users access to data at the speed of light.

For Internet and bandwidth purposes, fiber optic technology is still largely underutilized. Only a handful of service providers in select countries provide complete access to fiber based networks.


To understand the benefits of fiber for telecommunications purposes, let’s explain how transmissions are sent;

  1. An optical signal is created using a transmitter.
  2. The signal is relayed via the fiber, ensuring the signal is not distorted or diminished.
  3. The signal is received and converted into an electrical signal.


Since the establishment of the first fiber WAN in Essex in the U.K in 1978, fiber has slowly developed, grown and in some instances, completely replaced traditional copper based telecommunications services.

Quite simply, fiber is a more efficient means of transmitting telecommunications signals (data and voice). Signals are sent by light over fibers made of glass, as opposed to copper wire.


Now for the technical stuff, as defined by one of Fastmetrics’ very own customers, Wikimedia;

“Fiber optic communication is a method of transmitting information from one place to another by sending pulses of light through an optical fiber. The light forms an electromagnetic carrier wave that is modulated to carry information.”


Fiber technology can be used for voice, (phones) and data (Internet and TV). It provides the following advantages over copper wire based communications;

Lower attenuation – the loss of intensity of any kind of physical property through a medium. (For example, the signal strength over the optical fiber).

Less interference – electromagnetic interference effects an electrical circuit. This may interrupt, obstruct, degrade or limit a circuit’s performance. These effects may range from data limitation to total loss of data.


Previously, fiber optic infrastructure was not readily available in developed countries. Fiber was also costly and time consuming to install. Due to this, fiber was only used widely in long distance telephone communications, where it is used to it’s full capacity.

By 2002, a worldwide network of more than 250,000 kilometers of fiber had been laid by the telecommunications industry, with a capacity of 2.56 Tb/s.

However, since the year 2000, the cost of fiber as an Internet service has been lowered greatly. In some cities in the United States, it is cheaper per subscriber, to roll out fiber to the home, than copper based service. This cost is even lower in countries such as the Netherlands.


In countries such as Japan, Korea, China and Singapore, fiber has largely replaced DSL as a broadband Internet service.


Japan’s So-net offers 2 Gps fiber to the home

Whilst it is not always readily available, fiber based communications are certainly more effective in today’s Information Age, where the demand to receive information faster and in a variety of digital mediums is in high demand.

Andreas Glocker


Fastmetrics, Inc.


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AcerCloud Chooses 100 Mbps from Fastmetrics

The AcerCloud Technology Company has chosen a fiber Internet connection from Fastmetrics for their Mountain View office.

The subsidiary of Acer, which specializes in cloud computing software and technology, secured a 100 x 100 Mbps fiber optic Internet service, to support their premier offering, AcerCloud


“AcerCloud – Be Free!” 

AcerCloud was launched in January of 2012, following the acquisition of iGware. It allows users to sync all data and media across devices – computers, tablets, mobiles and share information. It offers to “supersize your smartphone with PC storage” by freeing up space on your mobile device with Acer remote files. 

More AcerCloud Advantages

In addition to freeing up important storage space on your smartphone, AcerCloud also has the capability of automatically storing photos taken on your mobile device to your PC. Acer Photo supports Windows, Android and iOS. 

Another feature is Acer Media, which allows wireless syncing of your music and videos to any device running Windows, Android or iOS, from anywhere. You can also sync or stream at any time from your PC.  

Here is a video demo of AcerCloud:


The Fastmetrics Team welcomes the Acer Cloud Technology Company and looks forward to supporting this dynamic cloud computing service.

Andreas Glocker

Fastmetrics, Inc. 


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Your Business Internet – Much Faster Than This Skydiver

Your Business Internet - Faster Than This!

Your business Internet faster than this Skydiver! Take a speed test now @

Photo by Niklas Daniel. Click on the image to see more great photos from Niklas.

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Fastmetrics Services Corel Corporation with Fiber Internet & Phones

In a burst of new customers for Fastmetrics, the Bay Area’s dedicated business ISP, the Corel Corporation’s Mountain View office has selected fiber optic internet combined with hosted phones to enhance their business. Corel selected Fastmetrics as their ISP of choice in August, 2013.

The Corel Corporation is a global business, providing a range of software packages including the CorelDRAW Graphics Suite, Painter X3, CorelCAD, PaintShop Pro and many others.

Founded in 1985 by Michael Cowpland in Ottawa, Ontario, Corel introduced the first version of CorelDRAW in 1989 and famously, was the first provider of graphics software for the Windows platform. Over the years, Corel has introduced many award winning and innovative software products which has grown to include graphics, video, photo and office software.

Watch the below video to see what’s available in the latest version of CorelDRAW (X6):

Fastmetrics looks forward to supporting and assisting the Mountain View office of Corel grow and improve it’s business IT offering with our high speed fiber and hosted phone services.

Andreas Glocker


Fastmetrics, Inc. 

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Fastmetrics Signs the Bridgespan Group

Fastmetrics would like to welcome the Bridgespan Group to our list of valued customers. The Bridgespan San Francisco office signed up for a 100 x 100mbps fiber internet connection in August, adding more speed, reliability and networking power to their business. 

The Bridgespan Group is a non-profit advisor to global mission-driven organisations and philanthropists. The group has offices in New York, Boston and San Francisco. 

Watch co-founder Jeffrey Bradach speak about supporting and scaling social programs here:

The Fastmetrics Team looks forward to supporting the continued growth of the Bridgespan Group and the non-profit organizations that it supports.

Andreas Glocker


Fastmetrics, Inc.  


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Fastmetrics Wins Minted Fiber Internet Business

Fastmetrics is pleased to welcome Minted to our growing list of enterprise Bay Area clients. Last month, the San Francisco based Minted office signed up for a 250mbps fiber optic internet connection.

Minted joins the ranks of successful San Francisco Bay Area clients such as Gensler, Roku and the International Technology University of San Jose who also opted for the high speed, low latency and high reliability that only a 250mbps fiber internet service can provide.


Minted is a unique global business which brings together designers and their unique design pieces in a community style e-commerce platform. The site allows collaboration, showcasing, sharing and selling of the works of designers from 43 different countries.

“Minted is a global community of independent graphic designers and an online store that prints and sells the best of their designs in the form of paper goods”.

The statistics for the Minted community are extremely impressive;

  • over one and a half million dollars paid in commissions to designers, globally
  • over 35,000 designs submitted to competitions
  • over 125,000 comments left by designers on other’s work

Fastmetrics and our team of fiber internet experts look forward to supporting Minted with their continued success and growth, worldwide.


Andreas Glocker

Fastmetrics, Inc.

fastmetrics logo

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San Francisco Bay Area Photography

Fastmetrics will be bringing you a different photo from the San Francisco Bay Area every week. The photos are themed around light and speed, however all photos of the area will be considered!

Looking for Bay Area photos to share

If you are a photographer, or have a photo from the San Francisco Bay Area, please send to:

All photos will be credited and linked to your blog, website or Instagram account. We will also Tweet them and share on our social media profiles. 

Our first photo!

To kick things off, here is a photo of Lombard Street, San Francisco, by Sean Arbabi for National Geographic;


A fantastic shot with great use of a longer exposure to capture the car headlights.

What do you think? If you have a great shot of the San Francisco Bay Area, we will share it for you.


Andreas Glocker

Fastmetrics, Inc.

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